Consulting and marketing services include process' that should be well-thought. Our One Click Pay team believes that each project should be based on:


  • Professional consultants
  • Setting up clear goals for each project
  • Awareness of possibilities and restrictions
  • Control of any possible risks
  • Finding new, innovative solutions
  • Technology as a basis for development


Our consultants are always available for our clients. We believe that in consulting it is crucial to build business relationship that is based on trust, discretion and mutual respect. Team of experts aims to provide clients with clear market research results. This is of out most importance so clients could establish their future goals which is a starting point of any business project.


When making business decision clients must be aware of their possibilities and restrictions. Our experts and dedicated professionals are always on available in order to help client in setting goals for the future as well as for finding the best solutions to achieve these goalsWe prefer using new technologies, especially in marketing strategies, in order to help our clients with their business results.

Along with doing this, we always keep in mind potential risks for both our clients and for One Click Pay itself so this is why we apply strict compliance and due diligence policies to all our clients and third parties.