A transformational marketing strategy can do amazing things for your brand. When it enables new product or service success; highly effective and efficient communications; and improved integration across functional areas, agencies, and distribution channels, you will see increasing sales, profitability, and brand loyalty.

At One Click Pay, we bring together frontline experience, insights, and advanced analytics to help you develop, plan, and implement a marketing strategy that will change your brand’s trajectory.


Our Marketing services can be best described as a five step process:

Step 1 – An initial marketing audit to evaluate current practices, brand performance, and existing insights into your customers
Step 2 – Assessing the opportunities and establish the business case for your brand or business to get, keep, and engage different market
Step 3 – Building a marketing strategy with a motivating positioning, efficient communications, and profitable products/services
Step 4 – Formulating, testing, and optimizing communications and marketing plans
Step 5 – Measuring and evaluating performance in order to enhance ROI results.

We help our clients to establish realistic goals based on their possibilities and restrictions and providing them with full market research, which is necessary for clients to develop goals for their company, which could be achieved through expert marketing plans.